A group of 20 professionals belonging to various fields and working in different States of the United States of America met in Chicago during the July 4th weekend in 1991 and discussed about the problems encountered by the Tamil people in various parts of the world. As a result of this discussion, this group decided to establish an organization to effectively address and alleviate these problems. Accordingly, “WORLD THAMIL ORGANIZATION, INC.” was formed and incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of North Carolina.

While the objectives of many other Tamil organizations in the United States are restricted to language, culture, and charity, World Thamil Organization, Inc. (WTO) will address not only these, but also the most important, fundamental issue facing the Tamil people of this generation and also of future generations: Restoring the legitimate rights the Tamils have lost in their ancestral homelands.

The objectives of WTO are outlined in the Mission Statement shown on the Home page.

(Please visit WTO’s website: www.WorldThamil.org)

Unlike some other Tamil organizations which are tax-exempt, World Thamil Organization, Inc. (WTO) is not a tax-exempt organization. Reason? The tax-exempt rules of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States of America strictly prohibit any political action whatsoever of tax-exempt organizations. WTO is a political organization and it actively supports all legitimate actions in favor of Tamil people’s political rights.

All actions of WTO have always been, and always will be, strictly in accordance with the laws of the United States. However, within these laws, we can do so much to help and support our Tamil people in very many ways. The Freedom of Expression enshrined in the US Constitution gives us all freedom to voice our support for independent, sovereign Tamil Eelam.

While the list of WTO’s actions is long (including publications of newsletters and position papers in the early 1990s for independent, sovereign Tamil Eelam; several demonstrations in front of The White House; Representations to the State Department, Senators and Congresspersons; Etc.), the following are some highlights:

1. WTO prepared one-page letter containing 10 pointed-questions to the people of Tamil Nadu under the heading, “Thamizhaa, oru kaNam sinthiththaayaa?” (Hey, Tamils, did you think for a moment?), printed 100,000 copies and distributed them to the attendees of the World Thamil Conference which was conducted by the Government of Tamil Nadu in January 1995 in Thanjavur. Our effort generated very useful results. Many newspapers and magazines in Tamil Nadu published the contents. WTO received several letters from people of Tamil Nadu voicing their support for Tamil Eelam.

2. A Convention was organized by WTO in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, during September 2-3, 1995. Delegates from various parts of the United States and Canada attended this convention. WTO had invited some Political leaders from Tamil Nadu to attend this convention. They could not make it, but had sent their messages to this convention. Several issues facing the people in Tamil Nadu, Tamil Eelam and other parts of the world were discussed. Formal resolutions were passed and sent to various political leaders and to the press in Tamil Nadu. They were carried as prominent news items by leading dailies in Tamil Nadu.

3. Mr. Pazha. Nedumaran, President of Tamil National Movement addressed meetings and private gatherings, all of which were organized by WTO in many places, including those in Raleigh, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; and St. Louis, Missouri, in October 2004. His speeches were mostly on Tamil Eelam.

4. Under the leadership of WTO, a three-person group went to India and Tamil Nadu during Dec. 1996 – Jan 1997 specifically for the purpose of generating additional support for the Tamil Eelam cause. This group met with many political leaders, government ministers, social leaders, magazine editors, university professors and other professionals, business leaders, and others, and impressed upon them the need to support our Tamil brothers and sisters in their independence struggle against the Sinhalese imperialism. Spoke at the Eelam Tamils Protection Convention organized by the Bangalore Tamil Sangam on January 6, 1997 in Bangalore. Mr. George Fernandez (who subsequently became the Defense Minister of India) also addressed this gathering on the same day and the WTO group exchanged views with him.

Members of this three-person WTO group traveled to many cities in Tamil Nadu and delivered speeches in support of Tamil Eelam in several cities, including Chennai, Pondicherry, Thiruchchirappalli, Karur and Coimbatore. A huge meeting was scheduled to take place at the Thamukkam grounds in Madurai where several political leaders belonging to various parties were also to address along with the members of this WTO group, but the meeting was cancelled at the last minute as the TN Govt. withdrew the permit.

5. In May 2003, WTO arranged a Convention for Tamil Eelam at Fairfax, Virginia. Mr. Thol. Thirumavalavan, Founder and President of Viduthalai Chiruththaikal, was the chief guest.

6. WTO arranged a meeting in Chicago in 2004 and honored Mr. Vaiko, General Secretary of MDMK, for his services to Tamil and Tamil Eelam cause, in spite of his 2-year imprisonment under the draconian POTA.

7. In November 2004, a Convention was arranged by WTO at Rutgers University in New Jersey. The speakers included: Mr. D. Raja, Indian Parliamentarian, Mr. Dharmaratnam Sivaram and Dr. Muthiah Naganathan, presently the powerful Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission in Tamil Nadu Government.

8. During the May 2009 Parliamentary elections held in Tamil Nadu, WTO joined forces with Tamil supporters to expose the candidates who are against the Tamil cause. Due to WTO’s limited financial resources, we worked with students and Tamil activists in selected constituencies against those anti-Tamil people, including ministers. To a large extent, we were successful in our efforts in those constituencies.

WTO is in constant contact with many political leaders, scholars, educators, Tamil speakers, newspaper editors, movie & TV personalities, and others who have influence in Tamil Nadu.

WTO is for all Tamil ‘uNarvaaLarkaL’ who are dedicated to win back the rights the Tamil people have lost and to have self-determination in their ancestral home lands. All those who subscribe to these objectives are earnestly requested to become members of WTO.