WTO’s Special Session at FeTNA 36th Convention, Sacramento

Dear WTO Members and Supporters,

Dr. Garga Chatterjee (of Calcutta, West Bengal) will speak at the World Thamil Organization, Inc. (WTO)’s Special Session to be held from 3:00 to 4:00 PM on Saturday, July 1, 2023, at the Meeting Room # 4, SAFE Credit Union Convention Center, Sacramento, California.

Dr. Chatterjee will speak on the dangers of the impending new “ delimitation “ of the parliament seats in India which essentially gives the entire powers to the Hindi belt. No matter how all the non-Hindi speaking States in India vote in future, the Hindi people alone can solely determine the Union Government in New Delhi which has almost the unlimited authority in India, based on the current Constitution of India.

Dr. Garga Chatterjee, a physician by profession, received his medical degrees from the University of Calcutta, and then had his training at the Harvard University Medical School in USA. As a social scientist and activist, he devotes his time for the causes affecting the deprived people. Dr. Chatterjee, who lives in India, talks in various cities of India about the dangers of the “delimitation” of the parliament seats. In addition, he travels around the world explaining it to the Indian diaspora. He says,” there is a need to obtain the support of the diaspora too”.

Please attend the meeting to hear Dr. Chatterjee in person and get clarification on any questions you may have.