Tamils deeply disappointed at the draft resolution at UNHRC !

Tamils deeply disappointed at the draft resolution at UNHRC !

The Tamil people all over the world are deeply disappointed at the draft resolution submitted at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on September 24, 2015, for its shortcomings to meet even the basic tenets of justice.   It has been the overwhelming legitimate demand by the entire Tamil community that only an international investigation and prosecution of Sri Lanka under the United Nations will provide justice for the mass atrocities and genocide committed against the Tamil people in Eelam by the Sri Lankan state forces. This draft proposal, however, has placed the investigation under the “Sri Lankan judicial mechanism.”  Needless to say that it is a travesty of justice to authorize the accused party to conduct the investigation against itself!

There is a slight solace due to the “participation” by the UN’s OHCHR office with Sri Lankan Government and of Commonwealth and other foreign judges, investigators and defence lawyers. However, this is further weakened by permitting only “authorized” prosecutors and investigators, while not clearly identifying the body that will authorize the selection.

We thank the many European countries, UK, Ireland, USA, Mexico and Argentina for their vocal support trying to strengthen the Resolution during informal discussions. We note and condemn the vociferous tirade led by Pakistan along with China, Cuba and Russia to cripple the Resolution. We further note with dismay that the Indian government was a mute spectator, totally failing the sentiments of the people of Tamil Nadu to come to the aid of the Eelam Tamils’ quest for justice.

We, at World Thamil Organization, thank the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Selvi J. Jayalalithaa and the political parties in Tamil Nadu for passing resolutions unanimously, not just once but twice, in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly asking the Indian Government to use its good offices and press for an international investigation against Sri Lanka under the United Nations.  There is still time left for India to act favorably in the best interests of our people in Tamil Eelam and for safeguarding justice there.  India should make sure that the Sri Lankan government does not cheat the Tamils once again denying them justice. India has the responsibility to honor the wishes of Tamil Nadu which is also part of the Indian federation nurtured by taxes from the people of Tamil Nadu.

World Thamil Organization expresses solidarity with Tamil people and organizations all over the world, and united together, we shall carry forward relentlessly our struggle democratically for achieving equality, fairness and justice.


Dr. V.G. Dev

President, World Thamil Organization, Inc.

September 26, 2015