World Thamil Organization Letter to The Chief Election Commissioner of India

World Thamil Organization Letter to The Chief Election Commissioner of India

United States

The Chief Electoral Officer
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Dear Sir,

World Thamil Organization, Inc. (WTO) is a non-profit organization, registered in the United States of America. Since its inception in the year 1991, WTO has been espousing the cause of democratic principles and values in addition to the legitimate rights of the people throughout the world. WTO appreciates the great work that the Election Commission of India has been doing in conducting the elections consistently in the largest democracy in the world. This is a fantastic achievement by the Election Commission of India, especially when one looks at many failed democracies in the world.

We, at WTO, understand that the Election Commission of India is set to conduct the elections for the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly in the month of May of this year. There are credible reports that several irregularities were perpetrated in the past elections in Tamil Nadu, including giving money and freebies to the voters at the time of elections, using (abusing) the government employees and the police to intimidate the voters and forcing them to vote for the party in power, and so on. The recent reports of fraud in the voter listing (eligible voters missing in the list and ineligible persons being included as voters) are of grave concern. These and other illegal and abusive practices damage the concept of free elections and they can never be permitted in any democratic society. People are unable to exercise their vote fearlessly which makes a mockery of the whole election process and undermines the very basis of free democratic elections.

The only course available to the people of Tamil Nadu now is the Election Commission. People of Tamil Nadu are dependent now ONLY on the Election Commission to make sure that the elections are conducted in a fair manner. As the Election Commission is an independent body with vast and enormous authority, we request you, Sir, to utilize all the authority and power that you are vested with to enforce that there are no abuses or intimidation whatsoever and that people are able to use their free will fearlessly in exercising their vote at the elections.

Dr. V.G. Dev
President, World Thamil Organization, Inc.